Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Clifton Henderson / Broker
Over $40,000,000 Sold

Investor Opportunity
128 Carroll Ln, Creole Al 36525
Property is not secure, so you can take a look through back door. 
  • $65,000 asking price
  • Subject needs about $20,000-$25,000 in rehab
  • 4/2 Brick, 1472 Sqft, 
  • Swimming pool, but does needs work
  • After Retail value +/-$127,000
  • To make an offer, just email me. 
  • Not a MLS listing
$65,000 Initial investment
$25,000 ReHab
$90,000 in Investment

Retail $127,000
             $37,000 +/- potential profit. 

Disclosure: Clifton Henderson is an Licence Broker in Real Estate.  Florida & Alabama. This property is not a MLS nor IDX Feed property.  

Monday, December 4, 2017

Clifton Henderson / Broker
Over $40,000,000 Sold

  • IDX insertion of the MLS
  • Signage
  • Lock Box
  • These are standard for any Realtor, but that's where most Realtors stop
Standard for A Prime Properties Group
  • Virtual Tour by YouTube 
  • (Youtube is Google, so any search is processed by Google service 1st.  So the virtual tour will be listed early in any search. Did you know any items with a video are automatically listed first in a search?) 
  • Blogger:  Mini website for your property 
  • (Again, Blogger is a Google service, so again, Search engine will bring it to the top)
  • Multiple profiles in Zillow, Truila, Homes dot com, Realtor dot com and all the others.
  • (Surprising a HUGE number of  Realtors do not have profiles.  The IDX automatically upload the listing into the WWW, but if the Listing Agent does not have a profile, your listing is just posted with someone other than your agent as the contact. I know,  I can't believe an agent would not have a profile on Zillow) 
  • Signage with a Google Number. 
  • This allow for easy acess to me and me to them. Signage is 24x24 inches with Easy to read phone number and info.  (How many times have you had to get out of the car to walk up to the sign to read the number?) 
  • Old Republic Home Warranty. 
  • I provide a FREE home warranty by Old Republic Home Warranty.  Terms: Retail greater than $100,000 and must be a Single Family Home.  SFD is a non investment type home (Warranty will no cover pre existing items, only items that break after the purchase)